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tattoos piercing wisconsin

Michelle Nordeen - Tattoo Artist 


Michelle's appointment book is currently closed due to high demand. Please check her FB Page for announcements and updates on when she will reopen it:


Michelle has been tattooing since 2010. She was trained with a formal apprenticeship in a professional studio as both a tattoo artist and body piercer.
Michelle has been published in Skin & Ink Magazine and sells her art prints at the studio.

Her style includes bold line work with vibrant colors.

When she's not tattooing, you'll find her drawing, painting, sewing, jewelry making and hiking.


Anna Carlson - Tattoo Artist


Anna has been tattooing at our studio since Aug 2015.  She's completed both her formal studio apprenticeship and continually updates her Bloodbourne Pathogen training. Owners, Lisa and Tony, have known Anna since she was a young girl coming into the tattoo studio with her dad.  

She excels at black and gray and fine-line style tattooing.  Wildlife and portraits are her specialty.

In her spare time, Anna loves to read and fish.


Maraya Anderson - Tattoo Artist

Maraya Anderson joined Crimson Heart Designs in 2018. She started her Body Piercing career in Aurora, Colorado in 2012. Maraya attended school at the Art Institute of Denver, studying fine arts until 2012 and was an art teacher from 2015 to 2017.  She has completed both her Bloodbourne Pathogen and First Aid certification.  Maraya completed her Tattoo Apprenticeship under Artist Darren Hose' in 2019 and has been tattooing with us ever since.

Outside of the studio Maraya  draws and paints whenever she can from whatever is around. She enjoys surrealism, pointillism, and photography.  She loves her dog as much as the rest of us and brings her along on adventures as often as possible.

tattoos piercing wisconsin

Darren Hose' - Tattoo Artist

Darren completed his professional, formal tattoo apprenticeship in 2012. He also

has his updated Bloodbourne Pathogen Certification. 

Darren works in both full color and black/grey. Neo traditional, Japanese motifs,

floral, graphic, abstract, and watercolor are styles of tattooing he most enjoys.

"I am an artist that is passionate about the arts, and art advocacy. It is my desire

to use art as a medium by which to communicate visually. Art provides me the opportunity to collaborate with artists from many different disciplines. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education and a Minor in Art History."  




Naye Brekke - Body Piercing


Naye has been with Crimson Heart Designs since early 2019, studying under Crimson Heart Designs' own, Maraya Anderson.  She has completed her Bloodborne Pathogen training and is officially licensed through the state of WI as a Body Piercer.  

Naye has been visiting our studio since she was 13 years old, keeping her dad company while he was getting tattooed and eventually getting her own tattoos and piercings.  She has been passionate about body modification since high school and has always loved and appreciated the acceptance of this community.  She's excited to create beautiful piercings and modifications that fit each individual's unique style and body type.  She will eventually be specializing in genital piercings.

Tony Kofakis - Tattoo Artist


Tony has been tattooing professionally since 2005. 
He completed a formal studio apprenticeship for tattooing and body piercing in 2004.
He also has EMT training, which includes CPR and First Aid and updated Bloodbourne Pathogen Certification. 
Tony is an award winning Tattoo Artist, who specializes and enjoys traditional Americana and Japanese style designs.  He loves bright, bold color and excels in the challenge of cover ups.  

When he's not in the studio, he can be found at The Creeky Wheel , his bicycle and repair shop located on Tony and Lisa's farm, Silver Creek Springs in Clayton,  WI.  Tony is also the Trail Manager for Silver Creek Trails, a CORBA mountain bike trail system, just 1/2 mile from the farm.


Elie Knutson - Tattoo Apprentice


My name is Elie, short for Elizabeth. I grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin and come from a long line of artists. I’ve been doing art since I was a child and haven’t stopped. From murals and large scale paintings in homes, businesses and in my community, to intracate commissioned pen and ink drawings. Art has been a breath of fresh air for me and has always played a significant role in my life. 

From acrylic and water color, to digital drawings and clay. I’m excited to now start a new medium in tattooing! 

Check out my ELK Studios page for my current art work at and thanks for looking!


Lisa LeCuyer Kofakis - Studio Owner & Founder

Lisa is the Owner and Founder of Crimson Heart Designs and has been tattooing since 1991. 
Along with a formal studio apprenticeship, she studied Art History at Arizona State University, completed numerous Bloodbourne Pathogen courses, First Aid and CPR.  She is also a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran.  Lisa is an award winning Tattoo Artist and  her work has been internationally published.  

After 27 years, in 2018, Lisa took a break from tattooing and now focuses on providing support for the other artists at Crimson Heart Designs.  

Outside of the studio, Lisa is a Community Herbalist. She works out of her herbal Apothecary located on her farm, Silver Creek Springs.


You can find her handcrafted medicinal skin care and her herbal apothecary on the Silver Creek Springs website:



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