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Maraya's Tattoo Portfolio

Maraya Anderson joined Crimson Heart Designs in the spring of 2018 as our Body Piercer. She started her piercing career in Aurora, Colorado in 2012. Maraya attended school at the Art Institute of Denver, studying fine arts until 2012 and was an art teacher from 2015 to 2017.  Maraya finished up her formal Tattoo Apprenticeship under fellow Crimson Heart Designs' Artist, Darren Hose' in 2019 and has been tattooing with us ever since.  She has completed both her Bloodbourne Pathogen and First Aid certification.  Outside of the studio Maraya  draws and paints whenever she can from whatever is around. She enjoys surrealism, pointillism, and photography.  She loves her dog as much as the rest of us and brings her along on all her adventures. Please email Maraya for estimates and to schedule.  Thank you.


To contact/schedule with Maraya, please email:


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