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Tattoo Aftercare


Why do we give every client sample aftercare?

 "I've been a tattoo artist since 1991 and have experienced many fads in aftercare. Finally,  while studying to become a Master Herbalist, I realized that most of the tattoo aftercare on the market wasn't specific to healing a tattoo. I've combined herbs that work great at healing the certain type of wound a tattoo is.  I grow the herbs on our farm in Clayton, WI and then handcraft them into our custom Tattoo Aftercare & Maintenance Balm.  Our property has been chemical and pesticide free since 2008. 

This all natural tattoo aftercare is perfect for your new tattoo. Nothing works better to relieve the incessant itch of a healing tattoo. Our aftercare is all natural, light, petroleum free and will give you just enough moisture to take care of that brand new ink.  It's also great for all of your tattoos to shine & moisturize!  Calendula,  comfrey and chamomile are all known for their skin healing and anti-inflammatory properties."   Lisa Kofakis, Crimson Heart Designs founder & owner

If you're interested in more of Lisa's handcrafted medicinal oils & balms , please follow the link to our Silver Creek Herbals website.  Thank you!

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Prickly Ash
Jewel Weed Oil
Vegan Moisturizer
Calendula Harvest
Lavender Vanilla moisturizer
Healing Salve
Calendula Harvest
Tattoo aftercare
Tattoo Aftercare & Maintenance Balm
The process
Plants as Medicine
Calendula Oil
Natural Medicine Bag
Calendula Oil
Jewel weed harvest
Cold & Flu Chest Rub
Silver Creek Springs
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