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Taylor  has been with Crimson Heart Designs since June 2017 and has finished up her formal studio apprenticeship, tattooing professionally since September 2017,  along with completing her current Bloodbourne Pathogen certification.  She offers both tattoos and permanent makeup. 


Taylor enjoys both color and black & gray tattoos.  She likes tattooing in a fine line style and her favorite subjects are floral, horror and animation.  


When she's not at the studio, Taylor spends her time drawing & painting, playing with her cat and spending time with friends and family.

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Cosmetic Tattoos

(permanent makeup)

PERMANENT MAKEUP - Taylor is not currently offering permanent make-up due to the pandemic.  


 Taylor performs the art of permanent cosmetics. Micropigment implantation, permanent makeup  are all terms that describe this process, commonly known as cosmetic tattooing. Tiny bits of colored pigment are implanted into the second layer of skin, creating a soft, natural – looking shadow of color on the skin.

Permanent makeup application has undergone some wonderful changes.  The most important aspect of permanent make up is that it actually looks better than regular makeup! Permanent cosmetics makeup won’t smear, won’t come off, and can last a lifetime! It is hygienic and completely safe. Using topical anesthetics, we minimize the discomfort of the procedure and greatly reduce the sensation of the application.


Taylor specializes in permanent eyeliner and eyebrows. Eyes can be dramatically lined, or just lightly framed with a lash enhancement. She can add fine hair strokes to fill in and define eyebrows or to replace lost hairs.  She also offers microblading for eyebrows.   



Eyeliner : Top $200 - Bottom $200 - Top & Bottom $350

Eyebrows: Microblading $250 - Powder fill $250

Beauty marks: $60

Freckles: starts at $60

Touch ups: 1st touch up is free, any touch ups after that are $60 each

Touch ups on permanent make up not originally done by Taylor starts at $60


We use Ever After Pigments which  "is a comprehensive pigment, supply and educational company serving the permanent cosmetic industry. Our pigment was developed by a team of permanent make up technicians, tattoo artists and chemists with a over 30 years of combined experience. EAP was founded by a permanent cosmetic technician, tattoo artists and a reconstructive tattoo technician with a mission to bridge the gap between the Permanent Cosmetic and Tattoo Industries; all while providing quality innovative products, cutting edge education and superior customer service.​"


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