Darren Hose's Tattoo Portfolio

Darren completed his professional, formal tattoo apprenticeship in 2012. He also has his updated Bloodbourne Pathogen Certification. He is also mentor and instructor to our latest Tattoo Apprentice, Maraya Anderson.

Darren works in both full color and black/grey. Neo traditional, Japanese motifs, floral, graphic, abstract, and watercolor are styles of tattooing he most enjoys.

"I am an artist that is passionate about the arts, and art advocacy. It is my desire to use art as a medium by which to communicate visually. Art provides me the opportunity to collaborate with artists from many different disciplines. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education and a Minor in Art History."  

Darren schedules his own appointments through email:

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To contact Darren, please email:

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Tattoo by Darren Hose'